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Product Lines

TMD’s extensive product lines cover the industry for air & fluid management and vehicle interiors. Our vast experience makes us a proven leader in the industry providing full cockpits, instrument panel assemblies, engine manifolds, fans and shrouds, full washer systems, wheel liners, battery trays, and more.

Below is an overview of the product lines we offer. Between (when added all up) our product lines, prototyping, lab testing, and production capabilities, we can become your full service supplier. Contact us today to learn more.


  • Full Cockpits
  • Instrument Panel Assemblies
  • Door Modules
  • Glove Box Assemblies
    • Decorative Trim

· A,B and C Pillar Trim
· Liftgate Trim Panels
· Rear Quarter Upper and Lower Panels

Air Induction Systems

  • Air Cleaner Assemblies
  • Inlet baffles, Ducts and Resonators
  • Clean Air Tube Assemblies

· Normally Aspirated Engines
· Pressurized Turbo Applications

  • Functional and Decorative Engine Covers
  • Engine Manifolds

Powertrain Cooling

  • Coolant Reservoirs
  • Fans and Shrouds
  • Radiator End Tanks
  • Charge Air Cooling Tanks

HVAC Systems

  • Full Vehicle Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Ducts
  • Air Handling Components

· Housings
· Doors
· Kinematics

  • Complete Air Handling Modules

Washer Systems

  • Full Washer Systems

· Reservoirs
· All pumps and hoses

  • Blow Molded Reservoirs
  • Injection Molded Reservoirs

Functional Plastics

  • Air Guides and Air Deflectors
  • Headlamp Brackets
  • Suspension strut covers
  • Wheel Liners
  • Battery Trays
  • Engine Compartment Modules

· Battery tray
· Fluid systems
· Air box