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As part of the demanding, innovative, furiously-paced auto-industry, you must provide consumers the safety, quality, and design they’re after in order to stay relevant in your niche market. At Toledo Molding & Die we understand the fierce competitiveness you’re up against; we’ve been in the business and seen its evolution since 1955.

Trust us to provide the highest quality engineered molded components and assemblies. From prototyping to lab testing, to tooling and product design we have the technology and know-how to manufacture the quality products you need.

Learn more about our specific services and products and then get in touch to let us know how we can be of service to you.

EPIC Toledo

Celebrating 10 years of engaging people and inspiring change in the Toledo Region! Learn more at EPIC Toledo

Toledo Molding & Die, Commitment to Quality

In the industry, TMD is a long-standing example of quality and commitment. Our commitment is to our customers, and our people. Watch our company video here to learn about the TMD dedication.