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A2LA Accredited Lab

Even the most well thought out designs can end up with unforeseen weaknesses. That’s why we test them prior to going out to our client. We ensure the component stands up the way it’s designed to, that it works appropriately, and that the concept is complete and fluid.

We can conduct tests that measure noise, vibration frequency, and airflow measures like pressure drops, leakage, and distribution. Our Calorimeter can measure the amount of heat involved in the usage of the part which is useful for radiators, heater cores, evaporator cores, trans oil coolers, and charge air coolers.

With durability considered the utmost importance to consumers, our test lab has dozens of tests specifically aimed to define your prototype’s durability against corrosion, erosion, dust, pressure, vibration, heat, salt, and a myriad of other strength-testing factors.


And we know the process is effective – we use it on all our own prototypes, products and assemblies. Whether we currently support you in a production environment or not, our test lab is available to you.

Contact us to learn more about our testing capabilities and how the process of testing is imperative to your fully functional and sound design.